• Employers urge workers to say when on last drinks by Stephanie Zillman

    A new free online tool launched this week is aimed at making employees more aware of the impacts excessive drinking can have on their working life.

  • Conflicting interests: when employees are legally obligated to whistleblow by HCA

    Handling workplace misconduct can be an uphill battle; survey findings show just six in 10 workers would report witnessing an incident of misconduct.

  • How HR professionals can get the best from Twitter by HCA

    Many HR professionals recognise the need to get on board the Twitter-train, but have no idea where to start. If you’ve ever wondered what it can do for you, who to follow and where to start, read on.

  • Engage injured workers in the return-to-work process by Elizabeth Barnard

    The return-to-work process for injured workers is critical in achieving successful outcomes for employers and employees alike. Here’s how to improve your rehabilitation program and deliver better outcomes.

  • Graduate CV fraud on the rise by Stephanie Zillman

    As university fees rise and graduate employment rates vary widely by sector, a new survey has found that education fraud is likely to become more widespread.

  • Leading and following by Human Capital

    A leader requires followers. So why is all the media hype given to leadership and leading, with no mention of followers? Dr Hillary Armstrong looks to right the imbalance.

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