• Breaches of mutual trust and confidence may result in damages by Stephanie Zillman

    A NSW Supreme Court of Appeal judgment has delivered a landmark decision on implied terms of mutual trust and confidence – potentially the door to damages has been thrust open.

  • How much are your people worth? by Stephanie Zillman

    A new report has indicated a disconnect between current market salaries and what organisations are actually offering. A whopping one third of Aussie employers are getting it wrong.

  • Diversity no longer just ‘nice to have’ by Elizabeth Barnard

    The days of instituting a diversity policy for the ‘nice to have’ factor are long over; it’s now nothing short of a critical business imperative.

  • Frontline Intelligence: HR on the brink of transformation by Human Capital

    As Human Capital Management continues to evolve as a profession, Ed Hurst looks at what's next for the profession that has come along in leaps and bounds since the personnel management days.

  • Toyota case dropped as legal action unravels by Human Capital

    The legal actions launched by a number of former Toyota workers who were let go in a controversial round of redundancies have dropped their suit – the main wrongdoing seems to be one of poor taste.

  • Burnout comes at a price – are you running the risk? by Astrid Wilson

    Since issuing your employees with remote access to work emails, your organisation may have seen an upward spike in productivity – but it comes at a cost.

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