• If industrial unrest threatens, how prepared are you? by

    How can automated systems assist in employer/employee industrial negotiations? Daniel Sheahan outlines why preparation is a key to managing fallout from industrial strife.

  • Are your job ads repelling applicants? by Stephanie Zillman

    The job ad is a pivotal aspect of the recruitment process, yet according to one thought leader many HR professionals continue to make classic errors which turn off would-be applicants. Are you falling into the trap?

  • The HR folks at BHP may be onto something by Stephanie Zillman

    BHP has received a rough-trot in the media for its restrictive ‘clean-desk policy’ – but a close examination of its guidelines reveal they may be on to a good thing with happy workers to boot.

  • Wimbledon, Tour de France, Olympics equals spike in sickies by Stephanie Zillman

    From cycling, to soccer to bob-sledding, as a nation Australia unashamedly gets on the bandwagon of sporting events – the only problem is most of the biggest ones happen north of the equator.

  • An engaged workforce is not at the mercy of market fluctuations by

    This year’s recognition as an AON Hewitt Best Employer has been even more special to Hilti Australia because in a soft construction market everyone has had to work much harder to retain high employee engagement. Jan Pacas outlines how Hilti has done it.

  • How to tell an employee they stink by Stephanie Zillman

    From time to time the burden of responsibility falls on HR to address complaints from colleagues, even if it means telling a particular staff member they need to clean up … literally!

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