• MBA Profile - Jeff burns, group manager human resources, Alex Fraser Group by

    When and where did you do your postgraduate course? AIM provides John Swire & Sons (the parent company of Alex Fraser Group) with a Swire Management Program

  • The future of postgraduate education by

    Without regular updates, the value of postgraduate and undergraduate education declines as knowledge creation increases, writes Dr Roger Collins

  • Getting with the learning game by

    Training: employees want more and more of it – putting pressure on HR professionals to be more creative with tighter budgets. Craig Donaldson looks at how The Collingwood Football Club did more with less through the implementation of a new learning management system

  • Subprime Leadership – The real cause of the GFC? by

    The failings of leadership have been cited as a cause of the global financial crisis. Sarah O’Carroll speaks to Harvard Professor Bill George and other leaders in the industry about what went wrong – and how it can be fixed

  • Lessons of leadership – steering the way for those who look ahead by

    From the banks on Wall Street to the coffee shop on the corner – unless a company has strong leadership it will be unlikely to survive a crisis such as the economic one that unfolded over the past 12 months.

  • Latest book reviews by

    Results Through Relationships by Joe Takash, John Wiley & Sons Inc $39.95

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