• Too late to apologise? by Human Capital

    A misplaced fear that apologies will leave a company exposed to litigation has prevented some companies from saying sorry.

  • Schmoozing young talent: mining companies set sights on high school-ers by Stephanie Zillman

    Is it ever too early to recruit keen young minds? One mining company is selling the perks of life in the mines to year 11 and 12 students.

  • Dealing with violence in the workplace by Human Capital

    An enraged internet user admitted hacking a service provider's computers, threatening to burn down its offices and menacing its owner with an axe – how can HR minimise the risk of violence in workplaces?

  • Coaching lessons from neuroscience by

    How do you coach effectively in an environment characterised by ambiguity, rapid change and uncertainty? Dr Connie Henson outlines how neuroscience can help people better understand their own behaviour, reinforce change efforts and rewire their brains to make more effective decisions in an unpredictable world.

  • Lessons from the most engaged by Stephanie Zillman

    New findings have revealed that soldiers, accountants and insurance brokers are the most engaged workers in Australia – what’s the secret?

  • Opportunity to lift productivity and performance lies with HR by Elizabeth Barnard

    Currently many organisations have a significant opportunity to lift productivity and performance by training up HR professionals to better handle ‘big data’ – an HR software expert has said.

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