• End to Coles dispute rallies employers against FWA by Human Capital

    The Fair Work Act has been attacked by employer groups after the blockade at a major Coles warehouse in Victoria ended last night.

  • Will flexibility make the boomers the working poor? by

    While debate swirls around calls for employers to provide more flexible working hours for older workers, Malcolm King says it's time for a rethink on flexibility; and there is a big distinction between flexibility of workers and flexibility for workers.

  • Ramadan has started, is your workplace accommodating? by Miriam Bell

    Islam’s sacred month of Ramadan began on 20 July and, as Australia now has almost nearly 500,000 Muslims, it will be observed by employees throughout the country. HCA investigates how HR can ensure Muslim employees are accommodated during this time.

  • Witnesses to workplace bullying consider quitting more than the victims by Human Capital

    The cost of bullying could be even greater than previously estimated according to surprising new research. So what can HR do about the problem?

  • Banking on gender equality: HR at Westpac by Human Capital

    As Australia’s first bank, established in 1817, Westpac has seen a full spectrum of challenges. Shenaz Khan, the bank’s general manager HR, tells Carolin Wun how it is embracing the gender equality debate

  • Why are performance conversations frequently unproductive? by

    Giving and receiving performance feedback should be mutually beneficial to manager and employee - but often the experience is often negative. Why? The answer may come from insights provided by neuroscience, writes Dr Tony van Rensburg.

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