• Exit interviews – A benefit or liability? by

    With all the effort taken to get the right people hired and up to speed, why do so many organisations drop the ball when it comes to the elements that make them stay? Richard Altman writes that it's time to focus on the future not the past.

  • Make an offer they can’t refuse by

    Dealing with the threat of competitors poaching your key players can be a headache for HR – are you using the latest bargaining skills to make a counter offer they can’t refuse?

  • Online gaming: the key to wellness? by Jamie Farshchi

    Can online gaming improve the health of your employees?

  • That age-old question of workplace efficiency by

    With Australia's current focus on productivity high on political and business agendas, Frank Lonergan writes that younger doesn't always mean more productive; it's time to engage properly with mature-age workers.

  • FWA upholds dismissal in sexist slur case by Stephanie Zillman

    The workplace arbitrator has rejected a former employee’s application for unfair dismissal, finding her resignation was not forced as she had claimed.

  • Drop an F-bomb? HR limits promotion of potty mouths by Stephanie Zillman

    While swearing is now far less taboo than it once was in the workplace, according to a new report HR and employers still have little tolerance for those who drop F-bombs as a matter of course.

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