• Make an offer they can’t refuse by

    Dealing with the threat of competitors poaching your key players can be a headache for HR – are you using the latest bargaining skills to make a counter offer they can’t refuse?

  • Online gaming: the key to wellness? by Jamie Farshchi

    Can online gaming improve the health of your employees?

  • That age-old question of workplace efficiency by

    With Australia's current focus on productivity high on political and business agendas, Frank Lonergan writes that younger doesn't always mean more productive; it's time to engage properly with mature-age workers.

  • FWA upholds dismissal in sexist slur case by Stephanie Zillman

    The workplace arbitrator has rejected a former employee’s application for unfair dismissal, finding her resignation was not forced as she had claimed.

  • Drop an F-bomb? HR limits promotion of potty mouths by Stephanie Zillman

    While swearing is now far less taboo than it once was in the workplace, according to a new report HR and employers still have little tolerance for those who drop F-bombs as a matter of course.

  • Use of social media for recruitment sky-rocketing by Miriam Bell

    Are you making the most of social media for recruitment? New research has revealed that forward-thinking companies are firmly jumping on the bandwagon.

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