• Consequences for not accommodating disability totals $30k by Human Capital

    The workplace ombudsman recently found that James Hardie discriminated against a prospective employee when it refused to employ him following the failure of a physical medical assessment.

  • Vodafone PR crisis over social media rants by Astrid Wilson

    Having a go at someone or something is the bread and butter of social media – but what happens when it’s said in the company’s name by an unauthorised employee? HR needs to have a contingency plan.

  • Finding the 'hook factor' in your business by

    While the IR debate rages on about lifting Australia’s productivity and growth rates, Pia Lee writes that this is more than just a sterile debate about workplace law; rather a call to arms around employee engagement.

  • Enticing Aussie professionals to return home an HR no-brainer by Human Capital

    There are currently more than 100,000 Australians living in the UK, but according to new survey findings, enticing Aussie professionals to return home may be an easy sell for HR on the hunt for hard-to-find skillsets.

  • 'Plain vanilla' redundancies found unfair by FWA by Stephanie Zillman

    It was a textbook set of redundancies – or so the employer thought.

  • Offering flexibility not just ‘nice to do’ by Stephanie Zillman

    There are real benefits behind increasing workplace flexibility – from working from home, to offering flexible start and finish times – the business case for increasing flexibility is hard to ignore.

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