• Recruitment myth: Migrants given jobs over Aussies by Stephanie Zillman

    A solid set of numbers has finally been released which indicates skilled overseas workers on 457 visas are not taking away resources sector jobs from Australians.

  • Job hunters hooked on job boards and newspapers despite social media by HCA

    From LinkedIn to upcoming Facebook Jobs – it seems social media is the new frontier of job ads, but a new study shows most people still rely on internet job boards and newspaper ads.

  • Forget the skills gap, are you facing a passion gap? by Caitlin Nobes

    How many skills do you usually list in job descriptions? Well, there’s a new game in town that’s focused on finding the people with the passion, not just the people who tick all the skill boxes.

  • Frontline Intelligence: HR Consulting - Developing authentic leadership by

    This loss of faith in contemporary leaders has propelled researchers and practitioners to take a renewed interest in the concept of authentic leadership. Margot Zielinska outlines what this encompasses.

  • Good day at the office for HR at Qantas by Stephanie Zillman

    Fair Work has released its tensely awaited ruling in the Qantas industrial dispute, largely finding in favour of the airline. The judgment is a significant win and the findings will have important flow-on effects.

  • Stand-up desks: fad or future? by HCA

    The stand-up desk may conjure up imagery of funky offices in Silicon Valley, where people skateboard to their meetings, wheat-grass shot in hand. Yet this in one office trend with grounding in science.

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