• Opinion: HR on the edge of a cliff by Contributor

    Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith outlines how HR will be at the heart of business disruption – but it must first reinvent itself

  • Perks verses purpose by Contributor

    Research consistently proves that corporate giving enhances employee engagement

  • Should teachers’ performance be assessed? by

    It's rare that a job cannot be measured for performance purposes, yet there is reluctance to apply such measures to areas such as teaching. Dr Tony van Rensburg outlines how legitimate and fair performance measures can be enforced.

  • Women’s leadership may be impeded by contraceptive pill by Iain Hopkins,Stephanie Zillman

    New research has revealed a startling hypothesis: women who take the contraceptive pill may be as much as 50% less competitive during the 21 days of the month when they take the drug.

  • Fair Work decision dents employer push for urine tests by Astrid Wilson

    An energy company’s request to test the urine of its employees has been thrown out by a full bench decision of Fair Work Australia in a case with potentially wide-reaching ramifications.

  • Are you up-to-date with NES changes from 1 Oct? by Elizabeth Barnard

    From 1 October 2012, changes to the parental leave standard in the Fair Work Act will become law. Have you ensured your organisation is compliant?

  • Social media: Help and hindrance by

    While the consultants will advise caution with social media in the workplace context, Ellen Flint presents a unique view from the HR professional's perspective.

  • Anonymous job applications reduce prejudice by Stephanie Zillman

    Following a pilot project across a number of top European companies, there’s a trend underway in Germany which sees complete anonymity of candidates in the hiring process.

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