• Dismissal for health reasons ruled unlawful by Miriam Bell

    Dismissing an employee for health reasons could lead to legal trouble – so it’s a good idea to exercise compassion and good sense when dealing with an ill or injured employee.

  • Professionals still braving global job market by Human Capital

    Two separate surveys have painted divergent views of Australia in terms of worker appeal – it’s popular for overseas workers, if they can afford it, but many Aussies still want out.

  • Employers urged to look beyond glossy social media profiles by Iain Hopkins

    A new survey has revealed that while recruiters often ask to view Facebook pages and Twitter activity during interviews, the picture they reveal is not necessarily accurate – putting the onus back on employers to delve deeper.

  • More than medical: Managing return to work by

    Some people have a harder time managing their injury and returning to work than others. Gabrielle Lis outlines whether medical issues are usually to blame.

  • Reality check for exec pay and benefits by Iain Hopkins

    It’s expected at the top end of town, but are some of the executive perks on offer – corporate jets, private school fees, medical insurance – really that extravagant?

  • The benefits of MBWA – management by walking around by Caitlin Nobes

    Do your managers communicate primarily through emails, memos or calls? More walking, and therefore more face time, can be a great tool for engagement.

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