• Myths about workplace bullying addressed by Human Capital

    The same prominent workplace lawyer who last week slammed the ‘failure’ of Australia’s legislation around bullying in the workplace, has produced a list of myths around the same subject.

  • Mental health not on the corporate risk radar by Iain Hopkins

    Despite growing awareness that mental illness is widespread throughout the entire community, Australia’s top companies are failing to recognise and manage mental health risk in the workplace.

  • HR issues hampering business success: Global report by Iain Hopkins

    A global report has revealed the financial performance and growth prospects of many businesses are being stunted by their failure to make the most of their human capital.

  • Is your recruitment process fair, relevant and timely? by Human Capital

    More than three quarters of prospective employees are turned off a job/employer by a long recruitment process, according to a survey.

  • Toxic culture whistleblowers retrenched by Human Capital

    The case of two CSIRO employees who blew the whistle on alleged mismanagement and made claims about a bullying culture has thrown the spotlight on toxic workplace cultures.

  • Loyalty out as job hopping becomes the new norm by HCA

    The latest ABS labour mobility statistics indicate that job hopping is on the increase for Australian employees - but experts have advised there are steps that can be taken to improve loyalty.

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