• Bring Your Own Device to work – Dimension Data’s journey by

    Large-scale implementations of BYOD policies and programs, and the benefits that flow from this, are thin on the ground. Ian Jansen outlines how Dimension Data has progressed on their BYOD journey.

  • New Fair Work Handbook for employers by HCA

    The Fair Work Ombudsman has published a new handbook to assist employers better understand the Fair Work legislation and their obligations under workplace laws.

  • Unethical workers get away with bad behaviour by HRM

    Almost half of workers believe badly behaved colleagues aren’t punished, and are even promoted for their actions – how can you change this perception?

  • Lotto cash cow: would $1m make you quit? by Stephanie Zillman

    Four lucky Aussies won a slice of last week’s mammoth $111m lotto bounty – but a new survey shows most Australians wouldn’t stop working if given a million bucks.

  • Educate to retain and reward by

    Do you need to be a major player to offer further education to your employees? Siona Singletary doesn't believe so. Here's what her company, EI Group, has done.

  • Teleworking week shines spotlight on HR’s flexibility by Stephanie Zillman

    Today marks the launch of Australia’s first National Telework Week. The technology is available, but are Australian organisations ready and willing?

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