• Unpredictable work hours take their toll by Rose Sneyd

    What matters more to an employee’s wellbeing – the number of hours worked, or how they are worked? The results may surprise you.

  • Office workers engaging in retail therapy by Rose Sneyd

    Research has shown that productivity levels around Christmas can drop dramatically. Could this have anything to do with a little too much online retail therapy?

  • Temp assignments more than band-aid fix: Survey by Human Capital

    The use of temporary workers in Australia is no longer a quick fix but a long-term staffing solution for employers, a survey has revealed.

  • Workplace sustainability still a priority by HCA

    A survey of worker attitudes to sustainability has found that people still want more sustainable workplaces and workplaces have responded by including sustainability as part of their organisational strategy.

  • Frontline Intelligence: HR Recruitment - Change is no holiday! by

    Helen O’Keefe outlines what senior HR leaders are doing about the expectations placed on them and their teams as their respective organisations undergo significant business change.

  • Build the winning team for 2013 by HCA

    As the year draws to a close HR professionals around the country are firming up their hiring outlook for next year – do you know the formula to create the winning team?

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