• Foreign workers may not be needed after all by Stephanie Zillman

    The outrage sparked by the Commonwealth government’s approval of 1,700 overseas workers for Gina Rinehart's Roy Hill project may have been all for nothing.

  • Evolving workplace, evolving risks by CRI

    What is being done to prepare Australia for this impending telework trend, and how can the risks to employers and employees alike be reduced?

  • Swifter action needed on workplace bullying by Kathleen Payne

    The Government has proposed amendments to the Fair Work Act in response to a parliamentary inquiry, which will make it easier for organisations to define, and deal with bullying, more effectively.

  • Customs employees instructed to 'dob' on one another by Iain Hopkins

    Customs and Border Protection staff have been told that under its new “mandatory reporting” system, they are expected to report on their colleagues' behaviour both during and outside of work hours.

  • Are mental health issues being dismissed? by Iain Hopkins

    The head of Australia's biggest mental health charity says senior executives continue to ignore mental health issues within their workforce.

  • "PC off" rule a boost for work-life balance by Iain Hopkins

    More companies are abandoning the workaholic culture that has been synonymous with Asian workplaces for the past few decades.

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