• How to effectively change your corporate culture by External

    Attempting to change your corporate culture is a complex and lengthy task for certain. Susanne Biro provides five guiding principles.

  • QLD public sector staff encouraged to 'dob' on colleagues by Stephanie Zillman

    Health workers in the Queensland public service are encouraged to ‘dob in’ managers and colleagues if they witness instances of wastefulness via a new online porthole.

  • Teacher who roughhoused student wins reinstatement by Iain Hopkins

    A primary school teacher who was dismissed for using ‘unacceptable force’ with children has been reinstated – and the investigation procedure was flawed from the get-go.

  • Rudd says Telstra must help sacked workers by Astrid Wilson

    Is there a corporate responsibility to help redundant workers find a new job? According to former PM Kevin Rudd, Telstra has a big job on their hands.

  • For what it’s worth: the employee engagement survey by Iain Hopkins

    Some HR experts are beginning to question the real value of employee engagement surveys, but do they risk throwing the baby out with the bath water?

  • Breach visa conditions at your peril by External

    It is already an offence for businesses to have illegal workers. New legislation allows the Department of Immigration to levy fines on a strict liability basis, without needing to show any intent, knowledge or recklessness by the business. Mark Webster outlines the repercussions for business.

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