• Employee jailed for swapping urine samples by Stephanie Zillman

    A former public servant has been jailed for 12 months following the discovery that she falsified urine samples for workers at mine sites in WA's north west.

  • Air NZ accused of tattoo ‘double standard’ by Rose Sneyd

    Air New Zealand has been accused of dashing the dreams of a young mother who wanted to become an air hostess, terminating her interview on the discovery of her ta moko.

  • Men show more stress in interviews by HRM

    Which of your interviewees is sweating the most? It seems men exhibit more interview anxiety than women – but why?

  • Are things really getting any better? by

    Tammy Tansley asks when employers will get a bit smarter and stop viewing everyone through the 'working full time = working hard = organisation commitment' lens?

  • Job satisfaction is at rock bottom: what can you do? by Caitlin Nobes

    Employees are feeling more insecure and under pressure at work than at any time the past 20 years. How can you address your employees’ fears and stress?

  • Business shamed for deducting wages by Astrid Wilson

    A Melbourne-based business has been named and shamed over the practice of deducting wages from employees who took toilet breaks outside of their designated break time.

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