• Creating a healthy workplace by External,Human Capital

    Think 'man-flu' is confined to the male population? Think again - 47% of full-time employees will take a day off if they get a cold, with women 10% more likely to stay at home than men. Dr Georgia Karabatsos outlines what can be done.

  • What to do when the talent leaves by Cameron Edmond

    Inevitably, some of your high-ranking talent is going to leave one day. What are the risks this poses to an organisation, and how can you safeguard against them?

  • Workplace bullying update: How to protect your employees and yourself by Cameron Edmond

    As we approach the implementation of the new workplace bullying regulations, HC examines how you can protect your organisation from workplace bullying, and the accompanying legal risks.

  • Register now for 2013 HR Summit Brisbane by HCA

    The international award-winning HR Summit series will visit Brisbane on 10-11th October.

  • Is overtime worth it? by Cameron Edmond

    Organisations pushing to increase productivity through overtime could be doing more harm than good.

  • How to ease employee fears during a restructure by Cameron Edmond

    Mergers, restructures and other big changes can cause a lot of anxiety for employees. How can you ensure your staff’s wellbeing during shifts at the organisation?

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