• Gender equality: Men held back by hidden bias by

    While women are often the target of bias in the workplace, new research shows men are impacted, as well.

  • Survival of the Social by External

    There remains a significant number of Australian companies that are resisting the idea of fully integrating social networking into the corporate environment. Cuneyt Uysal explains why such resistance is futile and how history is on the side of the social innovators.

  • Tread carefully when checking civil litigation history by HCA

    Checking publicly available civil litigation information may ensure organisations safeguard themselves against hiring people found negligent or liable by a civil court, but involves a whole host of limitations and risks.

  • New discrimination protections start today by Cameron Edmond

    New federal protections on discrimination are due to commence today.

  • Closing the candidate/employer salary gap by Cameron Edmond

    Even when being conservative, candidates are expecting greater salary increases than they are likely to be offered. How can employers close the expectation gap between new recruits and reality?

  • The case for hiring ex-offenders by Rose Sneyd

    There are pros and cons to hiring those with a criminal record according to one expert – is it something you’ve done or would do?

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