• How do you attract talent? by External

    Talented and savvy potential candidates will seek all avenues to assess whether key corporate messages correlate with their personal values and professional aspirations. Fiorella Kresevic of EI Group outlines the crucial attraction phase of recruitment in the social age.

  • Cutting red tape for employers: Minister for Employment outlines plans by Cameron Edmond

    In his first address as Minister for Employment, Senator Eric Abetz outlined what can be expected of The Coalition at this year’s Australian Payroll Association Conference.

  • Telstra job cuts: More to come? by Cameron Edmond

    The Telstra job cuts yesterday may be a sign of things to come, reports say. How can your organisation avoid similar drastic action?

  • Clash over workers' comp coverage by Cameron Edmond

    Employers and unions butt heads over a consideration to cut compensation for workers injured while traveling.

  • Cultivate your next star: Turn interns into employees by HCA,Stephanie Zillman

    Many organisations have an internship program out of obligation or tradition; the problem is that they’re not harnessing the opportunity to turn interns into the next star employees.

  • Beyond the GFC: Hiring expectations hitting new lows by HCA

    New research has shown hiring expectations are heading to lows not seen since the GFC, as employers look to “shrink their way to success”.

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