• Push to ‘proactively’ hire women by Cameron Edmond

    A push by a leading corporate body to accelerate the rise of women in senior positions has sparked debate in the business community.

  • Change is sweet at PepsiCo by HCA

    Organisational change can take many forms, but one thing’s for sure – change doesn’t come easy. Successful change management requires strategic leadership, control, and the ability to overcome resistance.

  • Bonuses: motivator or not? by HCA

    It’s coming to that time of year when Christmas bonuses are handed out, but are bonuses really motivating your staff?

  • Hold off on performance plans – your employee might be ill by Cameron Edmond

    Before engaging an employee in a performance improvement plan over poor work, HR needs to keep a few things in mind, according to an expert.

  • The contemporary workplace: The brain matters by External

    If you think your workplace is contemporary but you know little or nothing about how the brain works, then Cathy Knight suggests your workplace is far from contemporary.

  • No flexible work – why? by Cameron Edmond

    A new report has outlined the reasons why many employers are resisting the flexiwork tide.

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