• Drop that coffee and get back to work by Stephanie Zillman

    Don’t be fooled – non-work related breaks may be making you and your employees more tired and distracted.

  • The Top 5 stories of 2013 by Cameron Edmond

    It’s been a big year for HR. We recap the top stories that had everyone clicking this year.

  • Australia behind in dealing with workplace injuries by Cameron Edmond

    With a price tag in the billions, it is time for Australia to up its game when dealing with workplace injuries.

  • Worker dies after 30 hours of work by Cameron Edmond

    The dangers of working extremely long hours has once again been highlighted after the death of an Indonesian copywriter.

  • Client Christmas cards – how to get it right by HCA

    Sending a Christmas greeting to your clients can be the finishing touch to a successful year’s relationship building, but get it wrong and you could undo all that hard work. Here are some top Yuletide tips.

  • How technology is shaping modern learning by External

    The use of technology in learning has become, well, complicated. TP3 spoke with three learning digerati about the latest learning technologies: how they’re deployed, how they affect the role of L&D departments, and what innovative technologies await the learning professional.

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