Workplace values misalignment

by 31 Oct 2011

Less than half of Australian company team members know the values of the organisation they work for, and according to a new survey, company values are often not discussed during initial interviews, or during employee appraisals.

The survey, conducted by workplace consultants Scott&Nunez, asked 14 questions about people's understanding of vision, values and brand in their company, and how these affect the way they work.

A large number of the survey respondents didn’t have company values discussed in their interview, and Carmen Nunez, principal Scott&Nunez, said the results were surprising given the importance of assessing whether a candidate is a cultural fit with the organisation.

Nunez questioned how companies could expect to hire the right people for their organisation if company values were not part of the job interview dialogue.

“You can hire for skills and experience alone, but it’s better to select candidates who most closely match the company’s values. This is where one of the biggest disconnects happens — when an employee who is hired for skills or experience, is expected to uphold values they may not understand or agree with,” Nunez said.

The survey results also demonstrated the number of employees who don’t believe the company they work for lives by the values they cite in their mission statement.

While 100% of CEOs, directors and company owners said their company lives up to its values, 40% of team members did not agree.

Additionally, half of managers and senior managers did not believe their organisation was operating in accordance with its values.


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