Use of video in recruitment on the rise

by 24 Oct 2011

Despite home recording having been widely used for well over a decade, its use in the recruitment process is only now gaining speed.

Video interviewing is increasingly being seen as a useful tool when considering interstate or international candidates, because it can significantly reduce the expenses incurred for both parties, and the length of the selection process.

Sarah White, a HR professional and President of HCM Freelancer, said video interviewing presents a unique opportunity to save travel time and related interview costs, while making the candidate selection process more consistent.

White added, “By recording interviews, hiring managers are able to evaluate each candidate side by side without the uncomfortableness of a group interview with multiple candidates.”

Although video interviews can be carried out via free software such as Skype, some companies are using purpose-built software to ensure optimum reliability and quick access to technological support.

However, the video revolution is extending beyond just interviewing, and a UK-based recruitment firm has commenced embedding video into its candidates’ online resumes.

Brian Michael, managing director of recruiter MeetTheRealMe, said using video allows employers to assess if the candidate would be a good cultural fit with an organisation before employers agree to a meeting.

“I was an employer and I was really frustrated with CVs coming to me. I really had no idea what was behind the CV,” Michael said.

While Michael doesn’t expect video to replace traditional CVs, he said they can certainly complement written information, and are likely to be a major part of the recruitment process for the younger and emerging generations.


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  • by Majid Ghauri 17/12/2011 8:13:31 PM

    Great..!! I believe that this would certainly reduce the cost and save time in the recruitment process.
    The online recruitment companies should provide a way to the candidates for uploading their video resume and also there should be pre-defined question which the candidates could answer in his/her video resume.

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