Traditional CVs not destined for chopping block just yet

by Stephanie Zillman07 Jun 2012

While some have said the future is here, new data has indicated that adage doesn’t apply to the humble CV – at least not yet.

According to the opinions of more than 200 Australian HR professionals, LinkedIn and other forms of social media may be a great way to check out candidates, but HR is not yet ready to toss traditional resumes to the history books. “Despite popular belief that a social media profile is the new CV, we're finding that traditional CVs continue to be an important and a valuable part of the application process,” Andrew Brushfield from Robert Half said.

Although social media is not replacing the CV in the candidate evaluation process, more and more employers are using social media channels as a part of their broader recruitment approach. Brushfield added that while social media is a factor, it is the strength of a person’s CV that will often dictate whether or not they will progress to the interview stage.

According to the survey, nearly a third (30%) of HR professionals use social media to locate talent. One fifth (20%) use social channels to communicate with candidates, and another 19% say that they use social media channels to source references for potential hires.

Additional findings included:

  • 34% of HR professionals admit to using social media profiles to determine the suitability of job candidates; the majority do not view social media as a permanent replacement for CVs.
  • 38% of respondents believe it is not likely that profiles on social media channels such as Facebook or LinkedIn will replace the CV anytime soon.
  • A further 23% surveyed ruled out this notion completely.


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