Too much work and not enough money

by Iain Hopkins14 Nov 2011

New survey results have shown employees are increasingly stressed, and regularly lose sleep over their workload and money-related concerns.

The Nutra-Life Organic Magnesium survey found 40% of Australian employees are more stressed than the same time last year, and 70% expect their anxiety to be the same level, or worse, in a year’s time.

The survey results revealed the main source of stress affecting 84% of workers is money-related, followed closely by anxiety over job security and work-life balance.

The survey of over 1,200 employees aged 18-64 also showed that women are more likely to admit to stress.

Naturopath Lisa Guy said that when faced with ongoing stress, the body’s coping capacity becomes impaired and a negative spiral ensues.

Sleep deprivation was the most common by-product of stress flagged by respondents, and 77% reported regularly having difficulty sleeping due to stress, or have a lack of energy and have trouble concentrating and staying focused.

Guy commented that ‘excessive workloads’ and workplace bullying and harassment are common complaints from clients, and added that she advises clients to look at their time management, and enquire with HR about the resources available to assist them when they feel overwhelmed.


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