The year in review: What got HR talking in 2011

by 21 Dec 2011

Looking back at the major headlines from the year, there was no shortage of talking points within the HR industry.

Where would the news year have been without discussion of Gen Y adapting to the workforce, flexible working options, emerging technologies, HR at the boardroom table, engagement and beyond?

Our landmark stories from the year were a bit of a mixed bag; however, some clear trends really set tongues wagging.

The top stories for 2011 were:

  1. Landmark case may affect flexible work arrangements

  2. The resume is not dead, it’s evolving

  3. Job-seekers turned off by lengthy recruitment process

  4. Outrageous, offensive and (probably) illegal interview questions

  5. It’s OK to fire by text

  6. Hiring ex-offenders: a case for discrimination?

  7. The 2011 top earning jobs for women

  8. To kiss or not to kiss: Awkward office protocols

  9. Managing staff who don’t ‘fit’

  10. Lack of opportunities for disabled ‘a national shame’

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We also launched a Friday special, The Lighter Side, to help you wind down at the end of the week, and share a laugh about the lighter side of HR. With no shortage of goofs, and workplace faux pas, our Friday special is set for a bright future.

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After more than eight years of reporting on HR industry news and opinions, 2011 saw an exciting website relaunch and makeover of our print edition and you’ll continue to see HC leading the pack in 2012 and beyond.

From all the team at HC, we wish you a Merry Christmas and look forward to the exciting year ahead.


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