The good life is downunder

by Iain Hopkins29 Nov 2011

A new survey has confirmed what locals already know – Australia is a great place to live, and the Asia-Pacific region overall offers an internationally recognised high standard of living.

The results of the 2011 Mercer Quality of Living survey found that Australian and New Zealand cities continue to offer world class working conditions for overseas expatriates, and is a relatively safe haven from economic and political unrest.

For the fourth year in a row, cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane and Auckland ranked among the world’s top 37 cities for overall quality of living.

Georgina Harley, information product solutions business leader at Mercer, said Australian and New Zealand based organisations are able to point to clear and objective statistics on quality of living when attracting and compensating overseas candidates.

Harley said, “In contrast to Europe and the United States, Australia has a strong economic outlook which increases its appeal as a destination for multinational employers looking to grow their operations in the Asia-Pacific region.”

She added that in addition to stable economic factors the high living standards in our cities provide a compelling case for attracting international talent to the region.

“Australian employers should promote these benefits when undertaking international recruitment and secondment programs as part of their efforts to address skills shortages,” Harley said.

Mercer said while employers increasingly have their eyes peeled for overseas talent, recent Federal Government initiatives are also assisting in procuring talent from abroad.

Indeed the Australian government recently ran Skills Australia Needs events in Athens in an attempt to entice Greeks and Germans to fill shortages in industries such as healthcare and engineering.

“Targeted education and training programs, additional placements for general and regional skilled migrants, enhanced skilled migrant selection and faster processing of skilled working visas are intended to supplement efforts by employers to put talent on the ground in Australia,” Harley said.

Key figures from the survey included:

  • All Australian and New Zealand cities ranked higher than New York. 

  • Australia continues to dominate the top rankings with Sydney (11) ranking the highest, followed closely by Melbourne (18) and Perth (21). 

  • The 2011 rankings have seen a convergence between Canberra (26), Adelaide (30) and Brisbane (37) all following close behind.

  • New Zealand cities remained stable with Auckland unmoved in 3rd place and Wellington ranking 13th, both retaining consistent rankings over the past four years.

However, Harley said a stable economy only comprises part of the picture, and Australian cities continue to tick all the boxes when it comes to assessing living conditions for overseas expatriates.

“Australian cities consistently score highly on all liveability factors, providing expatriates with quality housing, excellent infrastructure, comprehensive health care,  a wide selection of restaurants and other amenities, as well as a good education and environment for their families,” she said.


  • by Chris 8/12/2011 5:11:43 PM

    I guess this is ante mini budget slashing LAFHA

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