Software firm goes on European bus tour to recruit employees

by 05 Mar 2012

An Australian software company has decided that rock bands and artists needn’t be the only professionals to enjoy life on the road – they have their sights set on hiring 15 developers in 15 days, and are about to set off on a European "Recruitment Roadshow" bus tour.

Known for left-of-centre, some would say innovative, recruitment practices, Sydney-based Atlassian will send members from its engineering department to London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Madrid with the aim of picking up senior software developers along the way. They also must convince them to re-locate to Sydney. Participants will be picked up and taken to a secret pub location for an evening of socialising with Atlassian's engineering team over beers and informal talks. Formal interviews will then take place in each city for two days.

The company will take care of arranging work visas for those hired as well as their partners, and will cover all relocation expenses. Pre-screening applicants for interview spots in each city has begun.

According to the company’s head of HR, Joris Luijke, it’s a trend that may soon be catching on. “With European newspapers reporting a continued slump in its economy, I expect more Australian tech companies to recruit in Europe," he said.


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