Research says don’t misdirect social media recruitment efforts

by Stephanie Zillman18 Apr 2012

A Twitter follower is three times more likely to apply for a job than a LinkedIn connection – and Facebook is the least effective channel for sourcing candidates, a new study has revealed.

More than 35,000 recruiters from around the globe participated in the study of the three main social networks and their usefulness in recruitment and according to the 2012 Social Recruiting Activity Report by software firm Bullhorn, the effectiveness of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook vary greatly. “Australians are among the world’s top users of social media, and it’s clear from the report that Twitter is where recruiters… should be spending more of their time,” Ben Fuller from Bullhorn said.

Despite Facebook being the largest social networking site in the world, the report concluded that it is the least effective channel for sourcing candidates. While Twitter is the up-and-coming recruitment tool, Fuller warned it’s not time to abandon LinkedIn. “Twitter provides the best return on investment for recruiters, [but] LinkedIn continues to generate the [highest] volume of job interest and activity,” Fuller said.

Key figures from the study:

  • Twitter followers are three times more likely to apply for a job than a LinkedIn connection
  • LinkedIn drives three times more job views than Twitter and six times more views than Facebook
  • LinkedIn drives nine times more applications than Facebook and three times more than Twitter
  • 48% of recruiters globally use only LinkedIn
  • 19% of recruiters use both LinkedIn and Twitter
  • 10% of recruiters connected to both LinkedIn and Facebook
  • 21% of recruiters use a combination of all three - LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

Fuller said savvy recruiters have the potential to increase fill rates, reduce sourcing costs and shorten time to fill vacancies by using broadening their talent pipelines offered by social networks. “It’s important for recruiters to know which social media platforms are most effective and focus their attention on networks that will bring success,” he added.


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