Refreshing take on teambuilding

by Stephanie Zillman30 Apr 2012

A new kind of teambuilding has hit our shores and it’s bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘employee empowerment’ – HR leaders are giving employees the chance to change lives by building prosthetic hands for landmine victims.

The Helping Hands project is one of the first of its kind in Australia and is a unique way for companies and the not-for-profit sector to work on their team dynamics whilst helping landmine victims in developing countries who would not otherwise have access prosthetic hands.

Rather than traditional teambuilding activities where participants enjoy an activity on the day and then walk away with a folder of mind maps, the Helping Hands project continues long after everyone has gone home. “Everyday companies across Australia are spending enormous amounts of money on teambuilding activities. With this activity, participants leave a legacy and literally change the life of someone on the other side of the globe,” Matt Henricks from Henricks Consulting said. “Co-workers are normally blown away by the fact that within only a short period of focused activity they can, as a team, change the life of someone less fortunate, in Africa for example”, he added.

During the activity, small groups of people assemble 30 pieces of plastic and metal to make a genuine hand which gives an amputee the dexterityto grasp or pick up an object. Once the activity is completed, all hands are shipped to a quality control unit in the US and are then deployed to the area where it is most needed.

Key statistics

  • There are currently over 100 million active landmines in 60 countries
  • Approximately 2,000 landmine accidents occur every month (one every 20 minutes)
  • More than 300,000 people have become landmine related amputees globally – 20% are children


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  • by Russell Jacka 8/05/2012 8:56:10 PM

    Matt facilitated a life changing 2 hours with 30 of our Leaders Monday night...Memorable and Worthwhile

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