Recruitment, change management and mining HR to get best pay rises in year ahead

by 27 Feb 2012

Organisations are seeking HR professionals with talent, experience and a creative flair to drive significant influence on their HR functions in 2012, and they’re willing to pay big dollars for them.

While employers are becoming more cautious in their hiring across all sectors due to uncertainty in the global economy, the Robert Walters Salary Survey 2012 found that in the aftermath of the GFC organisations are keen to bring on board key HR professionals who will have the greatest impact on their HR functions. Additionally, it was found that while many companies are making significant redundancies, the temporary labour force will be increasingly utilised. Related article: Temp labour gives competitive edge

The survey canvassed the salaries of HR professionals around Australia and found that remuneration remained generally consistent in the HR market in 2011. However a significant increase in the salaries of compensation and benefits managers with strong analytical skills is expected, due to the skills shortage of these professionals in the market. Other specialisations set to do well on the remuneration front include change managers, IR advisors and recruitment staff.

The report found that HR professionals with strong tertiary qualifications will continue to command the highest salaries, particularly in industry sectors such as mining, engineering and construction. In Perth, the faster part of the two-speed economy continues to thrive and it is forecast that candidates from a mining background will be able to secure the highest paying HR jobs in the market.

Results for Sydney were reflective of broader salary trends across Australia, but pay levels for HR and internal recruitment roles will continue to be healthy.

Salary for 2012 [Sydney]


Generalist role



HR Director

$230 - 350k

$220 - 350k

National HR Manager

$170 - 180k

$170 - 180k

HR Manager

$150 - 170k

$130 - 160k

HR Advisor (5+ yrs exp)

$110 - 130k

$100 - 150k

HR Advisor (1-4 yr exp)

$75 - 95k

$75 - 95k

HR Business Partner

$120 - 150k

$120 - 150k

HR Officer

$70 - 80k

$65 - 75k

HR Coordinator

$55 - 65k

$55 - 65k

HR Administrator

$55 - 65k

$55 - 65k

HR Graduate

$45 - 55k

$45 - 55k

Specialist Role


Industrial/Employee Relations Manager

$150 - 165k

$120 - 150k

Change Manager

$150 - 180k

$140 - 220k

Learning and Development Manager

$145 - 165k

$130 - 165k

Recruitment Manager

$130 - 160k

$130 - 160k

Industrial/Employee Relations Advisor

$85 - 110k

$85 - 120k

Recruitment Officer

$80 - 100k

$75 - 95k

Salary for 2012 [Perth]


HR role



Recruitment Advisor

$80 - 100k

$90 - 110k

HR Manager (Mining and Resources)

$130 - 170k

$140 - 180k

HR Manager (Professional Services)

$100 - 130k

$110 - 140k

HR Advisor

$70 - 90k

$80 - 100k


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