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by Rose Sneyd21 Nov 2012
Pinterest is now the third most popular social media network, behind Facebook and Tumblr, and recently surpassed some 25 million active users. While the site hasn’t caught on in Australia as quickly as it did in the US, for one expert in the social media recruitment space, it’s only a matter of time.

Paul Jacobs runs Jobgram, a company which designs infographic job advertisements that can be shared across Pinterest and other online media, and he is seeing more and more companies align their recruitment strategies with social media campaigns.

Looking specifically at Pinterest, its visual nature has several advantages over traditional recruitment tools, Jacobs said. “It’s an opportunity to showcase [the organisation’s] culture. It’s like knocking a window into a wall and you can peek in and you can sort of see what the culture looks like,” he said.

For example, companies can create boards around staff members to give candidates an insight into what the inside of an organisation is like. And recruiters can individualise boards in order to give a sense of personality, and humour. “It’s humanising recruitment and making it more personal,” Jacobs said. “Social media allows us to brand ourselves in different ways to different people – Pinterest fits into that really nicely. People can show a wider view of themselves,” he added.

One of Jacobs’ favourite examples of a recruitment ad on a Pinterest board was created by US furniture company The New Traditionalists. “They were putting up all these pictures of people like George from Seinfeld, and Dirty Harry, and they were saying, ‘Look we want someone who’s like this, but not like this’.”

The unique appeal of Pinterest is its focus on appealing visuals. On the other hand, Jacobs sees the visual element of Pinterest as part of a wider trend across social networks, for example the way people post photos on Facebook.

Jacobs sees a great deal of potential for innovating on the part of recruiters, and considers Air New Zealand to be the best example in Asia-Pacific. “Even the non-recruitment related boards give an insight into the culture. That’s the power of it, you don’t have to be pushing out recruitment messages, you can just showcase the people, and the work environment… and you can get a feel for the culture.”


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