Organisation takes employee experience demo to new...depths

by Stephanie Zillman07 Jun 2012

A key trend in HR at the moment is to communicate the ‘employee experience’ to potential recruits – both to entice them to the org and ensure no surprises come Monday morning.

Many organisations have gathered employee testimonials to show-off their company’s working conditions and culture, and some have even filmed ‘day-in-the-life-of’ videos to post online as a recruitment tool. Yet, except perhaps NASA, no company had built a replica of workplace conditions. Until now.

A mining company is Brisbane has this week opened a replica underground mine for training purposes in the hope that it will drive the recruitment of women and diverse groups into the resources industry.

Myne Start, a major player in the training of resources industry workers, built the $2.5m simulated mine complex which includes more than 460 metres of road way and is set up to, in every way possible, resemble a real-life mine environment. The site includes equipment, ventilation systems and facilities similar to those found in a real underground mine, and there is even scope to allow trainees to practise responding to a fire scenario simulated with laser technology.

The idea is to ensure people know what they will face in their future working environment, before they set foot in a real underground mine. Anglo American HR chief David Diamond told the Brisbane Times that people who had trained at Myne Start's similar, but smaller, facility in Mackay, had been successfully employed. Diamond said he hoped the new facility in Brisbane would help encourage women and diverse groups to consider a mining job, given the site’s proximity to the CBD. He added that when training was undertaken in an actual mine, it could take three hours to get potential workers underground to begin the skills building process.

“It's a very low risk start,” Diamond said, adding that the simulation will be very similar to an actual working environment.


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