Offer employees a purpose before promotion

by 05 Jun 2012

It’s a goal through the posts for any HR leader who has worked hard to define organisational values and effectively communicate the company culture and purpose to employees – 65% of employees would go the extra mile for an organisation with a ‘purpose’.

A new report by consultancy firm Calling Brands revealed that working for an organisation with a clearly defined purpose – so to say, an underlying ethos that goes beyond commercial and operational goals – is the second most important factor employees look for in an employer, behind remuneration. It ranks ahead of other factors including level of responsibility and even career progression. Based on more than 4,000 responses from employees in the UK, Germany and US, the report found:

  • 65% of respondents said that working for an organisation with a clear sense of purpose would motivate them to go the ‘extra mile’ in their jobs
  • 64% claimed it would engender a greater sense of loyalty towards the organisation they work for

At a time when people are increasingly cynical in their attitudes towards corporations, seen no more clearly than in the ‘Occupy’ movements and rioting in the UK, employers need to dig deeper to establish, understand and communicate the value they can bring to individuals and society. Employees are increasingly seeking intangible advantages from their jobs beyond pay, benefits and career prospects – the data shows how important it has become for companies to act on this change.

“Ultimately, people want to work for a good business; they are ready to believe that their employer has a positive role in society because this in turn reinforces positive self-image,” Brook Calverley from Calling Brands said. “Those businesses that communicate a strong sense of purpose will enjoy a huge commercial advantage over their competitors, driven by the superior performance of recruitment, retention and engagement of the best talent, and the productivity this brings,” Calverley added.


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