New leave calculator launched by Fair Work

by 29 Feb 2012

Fair Work has launched a new leave calculator which will assist employers with calculating annual and personal leave entitlements under the National Employment Standards (NES).

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) said some modern awards, enterprise awards and enterprise agreements give more annual and personal leave than are available under the NES, and employers may wish to check the relevant modern award for leave entitlements, available via the FWO Award Finder. Alternatively, enterprise agreements for leave entitlements need to be checked with Fair Work Australia.

In order to check your employees’ leave entitlements, you will need to enter:

  • the start date of employment
  • whether the employee is a full-time, part-time or shift worker
  • the days of the week that the employee works
  • for part-time employees, the number of hours worked per week
  • any unpaid or parental leave taken by the employee
  • any paid leave taken by the employee

[Best practice tip]             

FWO advised employers to keep up-to-date records on their employees, including records about leave taken and accumulated. It is best practice for employers to provide employees with written approval / refusal of any leave they request to take.

Additionally, employers can visit the Managing leave and hours of work templates page for template annual leave and long-service leave forms, as well as record-keeping templates for leave.

The NES sets out the national standards related to minimum entitlements to leave, public holidays, notice of termination and redundancy pay. For a full list of the NES, click here.

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