New jobs site enters the market

by 10 Jan 2012

A new recruitment website has launched up against the big boys Seek and CareerOne, with the aim of streamlining recruitment processes and helping HR managers save time, money and resources when finding staff.

The new website, with the straightforward moniker, is being targeted primarily at large businesses and brands, according to founders Bernadette Williams and Danny Hawks. With previous experience working with franchises such as Eagle Boys Pizza, Noodle Box and Zarraffa’s Coffee, Williams and Danks said they were inspired to create the site after being frustrated with existing recruitment resources.

“In our experience, and for the many companies we have spoken to, recruiting through other jobs websites has become an increasingly long, tedious, impersonal and inefficient process,” Williams said.

“From that frustration, we decided there must be a better solution, particularly for large brands, organisations and franchisors with multiple offices, outlets or positions and so born.”

The pair timed the launched to coincide with the start of the new year, as January is often a time of change and growth for both employers and employees.

Williams said the site has been designed initially to help those HR professionals that need to fill many jobs across multiple locations and positions.

“We know how important it is for businesses of all sizes to streamline their internal systems and maintain brand integrity, so we aim to remove many of the administrative and approvals-based processes that may currently occur between head offices and individual branches,” she said.

Williams and Danks have plans to roll out a suite of networking functionalities in 2012 to allow jobseekers to network, research organisations and gain advice from other registered jobseekers.


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