New Fair Work Handbook for employers

by HCA13 Nov 2012

The Fair Work Ombudsman has published a new handbook to assist employers better understand the Fair Work legislation and their obligations under workplace laws.

Designed to assist employers prevent and resolve workplace issues in their businesses, the handbook provides an overview of the aspects of the Fair Work Act that employers must be familiar with, including:

  • The 10 National Employment Standards
  • Awards and Agreements
  • Pay slips and record-keeping
  • Employing staff
  • Handling workplace disputes
  • Managing under performance, and
  • General protections.

Lynda McAlary-Smith from FWO has encouraged employers to combine the handbook with their workplace policies and procedures to create a single source of information for employees and managers. She also reminded employers of the free letter and document templates available on the FWO website, which includes letters of engagement and probation, timesheet and pay slip templates, leave application forms, and a self-audit check list.

“The Fair Work Handbook helps employers to understand their obligations and how to apply them within their business. It can also assist employers and managers in dealing with employee enquiries about workplace laws and will help in resolving any issues that arise,” McAlary-Smith said.

In addition to the newly updated handbook, the website has a number of tools and resources, including PayCheck Plus and an Award Finder. Click here to access the handbook and FWO resources.


  • by John Wells 26/01/2013 4:07:28 PM

    good information about the new Fair Work Book -- but how do I get a copy?

  • by Tim Leggett 29/01/2013 3:02:20 PM

  • by Tim Leggett 29/01/2013 3:02:59 PM

    You can get it at

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