Most Australian professionals are ‘Creative’

by 14 Dec 2011

According to a new survey, the number one most overused word used by Australian professionals to describe themselves is ‘creative’, followed closely by ‘extensive experience’ and ‘effective’.

According to Sally-Anne Blanshard, career coach and director of Nourish Coaching, overused words often fail to reflect unique professional accomplishments and experiences and do little or nothing to separate the stand-out candidates.

“In the lead up to the New Year, [people] should take the time to makeover [their] profile with words and language that gives concrete examples of professional achievements, attributes and capabilities that are specific,” Blanshard said.

LinkedIn canvassed the profiles of its members to determine the most overused buzzwords by region, and the 2011 list of the top 10 terms overused by professionals in the Australia were:

  1. Creative
  2. Extensive experience
  3. Effective
  4. Track record
  5. Motivated
  6. Innovative
  7. Communication skills
  8. Wide range
  9. Problem solving
  10. Dynamic

Around the world, the most overused buzzwords by country were:

  • Creative: Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and the US
  • Multinational: Brazil
  • Dynamic: France
  • Effective: India
  • Problem solving: Italy
  • Motivated: Ireland
  • Managerial: Spain
  • Track record: Singapore


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