Metrics the key for social media recruitment: Expert

by 05 Dec 2011

Despite the hype surrounding social media and its uses for recruitment, many organisations are falling short of the mark by not understanding the different components of social media campaigning.

At the inaugural RECTEC conference held at the University of Technology (UTS) in Sydney last week, Shawn Lyndon, executive director at HRX, said while 89% of companies have said they use social networks for recruitment, just 66% had made a direct hire from social networks.

After returning to Australia after working in the US, Lyndon said he was struck by the tightness of the labour market, and the shortage of talent in key areas such as technology and engineering.

It is for this reason that the new challenge is in harnessing the 45% of workers who constitute the class of ‘passive candidates’ – and Lyndon said the best way is by proactively sourcing them from networks such as LinkedIn.

“We actually find better candidates from LinkedIn than from direct recruitment,” Lyndon commented.

It is integral that employers invest time into managing the marketing of a social media recruitment campaign, and reviewing the traffic analytics can be worth its weight in gold because tracking the source of traffic to job microsites can assist in refining social media recruitment strategies.

Additionally, by measuring the origin of site traffic, employers and recruiters can determine if keywords need to be modified to bolster interest.

Lyndon said that a key reason why employers consistently fall short in social media recruitment is simply because they are not tracking the process all the way through.

He emphasised that employers must measure expressions of interest in a recruitment campaign against where the actual hires came from – notably in Lyndon’s experience, Facebook was not a key player in the end result of making a hire.


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