Management poorly perceived in 2011

by 17 Oct 2011

New research has revealed that the engagement levels of Australian workers has fallen by four places in global engagement rankings for 2011.

The Global Perspectives survey, which was conducted by research firm ORC International, revealed that while employee engagement in China and India continues to soar, Australia is falling behind due to a reported lack of trust and confidence in senior management.

The survey examined the perception of organisational leadership as a whole, and while Australian employees rated the overall enjoyment of their jobs highly, scores related to perceptions of management were below the global average.

Doug Gilbert, ORC International's employee research executive, said holding negative perceptions of management is directly linked to low engagement. He commented, “To catch up with the rest of the world, it is crucial that effective management is a focus in long-term plans. This is what is driving positive scores in other countries like China and India."

In China, 56% of workers held positive perceptions of their leaders, and an even greater 66% felt positive in India. In contrast, just 48% of Australians agreed that there organisation was well managed - more than 6 percentage points lower than in 2010.

Gilbert said that while the Australian employment market is generally perceived as strong, and despite a high standard of work-life balance and fair remuneration, these characteristics alone were not delivering an engaged workforce by global comparisons.



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