Man sues temp agency after losing genitals on job

by HRM14 Mar 2013

Workplace accidents are a serious concern, especially when they have a long-term effect on the injured worker. Florida worker Edgardo Toucet’s life will never be the same after his penis and testicles were cut off by a foam-cutting machine.

“You can only imagine” what he is going through, one of his lawyers, Michael Valen told The Huffington Post.

The papers filed in court claim the safety guard on the blade had been intentionally removed before Toucet used it, and that the emergency off-switch on the equipment, called a peeler machine, only worked occasionally.

The native Puerto Rican, who is married with children, received no formal traing and spoke no English at the time, and was given instructions in broken English and hand signals.

The suit only  specified that Toucet is asking for more than $15,000 in damages, the amount sought overall "is significant," Valen said.


  • by Dan 14/03/2013 4:23:32 PM

    Phew. My family jewels are worth more than $15K

  • by Peg T. 18/03/2013 4:34:44 PM

    I agree - worth a dammn site more than 15K the poor man - no training - faulty equiment - could not understnad the language - obviously no supervision. Both Companies failed him, it is unbelievable they should be sued for Millions and shut down until a full safety audit has been conducted. Clearly there has been a precedent set as others have also suffered using the machine in question.

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