Leaders fear employee poaching

by 31 Oct 2011

More than half of all employers believe heads of other companies are seeking to poach their top people, according to new survey data.

The survey results from consulting group Right Management’s latest research revealed 56% of 1,400 CEOs and HR professionals feared other employers were looking to recruit their best people.

Michael Haid, senior vice president at Right Management, said as worldwide demand for certain skills sets rises, senior and operational leaders are realising that talent is the last remaining source of competitive advantage.

Haid said it’s no surprise that there’s a global war being waged for human talent, and warned that no organisation can consider itself immune from needing effective retention strategies or offering the most competitive recruitment packages.

“CEOs and HR staff are right to feel enormously vulnerable and many are stressed seeking ways to hold onto their rising leadership,” Haid said.

Even though most organisations reported that other companies have targeted their top performers, survey respondents were not positive about the outlook of their own leadership pipeline.

Some 47% expressed doubts about maintaining their middle-level management pipeline, and just 27% said their company has a sufficient number of qualified internal candidates who were ready to assume senior management or executive roles.


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