Launch of new Australian Indigenous Corporate Network

by Iain Hopkins18 Oct 2011

Today marks the launch of the first corporate network for Indigenous Australians, an initiative specifically designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people working in corporate Australia.

The initiative has been launched by the not-for-profit Diversity Council Australia (DCA) and Reconciliation Australia, and will create networking opportunities within the Indigenous community to promote career and skills development opportunities.

Further, the network is aimed at increasing the presence and profile of Indigenous Australians working in the corporate sector.

Nareen Young, CEO DCA, said this endeavour will provide an opportunity to members of the community who have recently entered the corporate sector as well as those who have been working in the space for many years.

“The network is an exciting step forward and sends a message to Australian businesses that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are everywhere and are working together to provide Australian business with a reference point in interacting with communities,” Young said.

Leah Armstrong, CEO Reconciliation Australia, added that the new network will become an important forum for people to share their experiences, information and contacts, as well as supporting each other. 

“In recent years, networking communities of women, ethnic, cultural and religious groups have become commonplace in our business, workplace and corporate landscape – the formation of this network is the logical next step,” Armstrong said.


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