Laid off? Card company has you covered

by 27 Sep 2011

With the unemployment rate having hit 9% in the US, an American-based card manufacturer has released a new range of cards offering sympathy and encouragement to the jobless.

With six layoff-specific cards on offer, Hallmark has said they expect to cater for a niche market looking to address the sensitive issue with friends, family or former colleagues.

One card with a cartoon character line-up outside an employment office reads, “It's hard to know what to say at a sensitive time like this. How about, 'I'm buying!'.”

Other card captions read: “Losing a job is just plain painful. So I want you to remember I'm in your cheering section …” and: "One day, you'll look back on all this with the wisdom that distance bestows, and you'll say: Wow, that sucked.”

Stanford University communication professor Bob Sutton told one news source that layoff cards might be a good way to show care and compassion to someone who needs support after losing their job.

Sutton, who has authored several books on management and the workplace, added: “Treating them as if they are invisible is often the worst thing. [A card] is a very small thing, but may matter to some people.”

However, he added not everyone would appreciate it, especially those who consider losing one's job a private or embarrassing issue.


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