Is big business struggling to achieve onboarding productivity?

by Astrid Wilson29 Nov 2012

A new survey has revealed HR professionals of large businesses are in the midst of a productivity dilemma during new staff onboarding – the problem is in measuring just how efficient the processes are.

Some 56% of HR professionals surveyed by Tonkin said that while they are actively trying to boost productivity rates, some 21% do not know whether the new employee productivity rates are sufficient. A further 66% reported that onboarding processes bring new staff to productivity within 3 to 12 weeks from commencement, and just 18% achieve this more rapidly. 

Yet onboarding remains a process HR cannot afford to get wrong. “After the selection process, onboarding is arguably the single most critical step to ensuring the success of new employees,” Penny O’Reilly, general manager, Kelly Services Australia, said recently.

O’Reilly added that while even the most successful onboarding programs don’t eliminate unwanted turnover, an outstanding onboarding program can help reduce the volume of new hire turnover, which is costly and time consuming.

As such, employers should remember that other than the recruiting period, orientation is the first image an employee has of the company – and is a picture that will likely stay with the employee throughout his or her tenure.

Kelly Services said companies that tap into the full skill set of the new hire as well as igniting his or her excitement and enthusiasm during onboarding are better placed to retain the new staff member.

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