Increased traffic fines for offences in company cars

by Stephanie Zillman02 May 2012

The NSW state government has announced a new penalty regime at incentivising employers to ‘dob in’ the employees who commit traffic offences in company cars.

Under the new laws, companies can be hit with fines of up to $16,500 if they fail to name the driver of a car caught by a speed camera. Fines will also be increased for penalty notices in a company name and companies will be fined five times the amount an individual would pay for camera offences. Court fees will also be five times higher for companies if a traffic matter goes to court.

The laws will close a loophole that has until now allowed people in company cars to dodge demerit points, Roads Minister Duncan Gay said. “The NSW government is putting companies on notice that if they do the wrong thing and fail to nominate a driver they will face increased fines. If companies do the right thing and nominate the offending driver, they will avoid facing these additional measures,” Minister Gay said in a statement.

The loophole meant that people who were caught for traffic offences while driving company cars could escape with a fine only, and no loss of points, if the company was unable to say who was driving the car at the time. However, the laws will now encourage employers to keep comprehensive log books.


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