Improve retention by defining success upfront

by 12 Mar 2012

Employers must upgrade one-dimensional job descriptions and supplement them with detailed competency requirements and a framework for how to succeed in a designated role and function, a workforce solutions leader has said.

Research into how to hire and retain the best talent has shown that ‘success mapping’ can greatly improve the quality of hires because it will more closely align the core workplace competencies of candidates (culture, values and career paths) with the right roles in organisations.

It is the responsibility of employers and candidates to collaboratively refine the critical skills and mindsets that will be needed to be successful in the role. One recruitment agency advocates the use of ‘job success profiles’, which act as a template for mapping essential hard skills and workplace competencies, traditionally known as ‘soft’ skills, against expected outputs and outcomes.

“The fast pace of workplace change implies that employees will need to unexpectedly transfer their skills to a new role, function or organisation in a new industry,” Lincoln Crawley from Manpowergroup said. “Individuals with flexible mindsets and agile skills and competencies are essential for leading and operating a business that must adapt to new market conditions daily.”

A recent survey on workplace skills and competencies further detailed how working collaboratively is the foremost competency missing in today’s employees.

To help them recruit the right people, employers can ask candidates to fill out an ‘employability profile’ to supplement their traditional resumes or CVs.

Employees can consider the following key areas when assessing the compatibility of candidates:

  • Find out what makes a job seeker tick, including their values
  • Assess the candidates’ potential for leadership in the future
  • Consider how diverse the jobseekers’ skill set is – do they have the ability to execute a range of responsibilities?


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  • by Yolk Recruitment 13/03/2012 8:02:33 PM

    Great article. From an employee perspective at previous companies we felt that the expectation of what we thought was possible and that of our managers did not align and there was no clear communication between the two levels. Now that we are employers/managers we try to address this issue on a regular basis with monthly T&O and delegating responsibility for targets to our employees.

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