HR tools that should go mobile

by 09 Jan 2012

With smartphones and tablets now hardwired with enough power and performance to act as mini laptops on the go, the question is no longer a matter of if HR should capitalise on this medium to better support the workforce, but how. 

Australians buy an average of one million new mobile phones per month, according to statistics from IDC Australia, which show that more than half (57 per cent) of those purchases are smartphones.

Smartphones – such as iPhones and Blackberries ­– and tablets (most notably the Apple iPad) have become so ubiquitous that the average person often has more than one device.

It’s no surprise, then, that workers could benefit from the ability to access certain HR applications at a moment’s notice. Humair Ghauri, senior director, Human Capital Management Strategy at Oracle, explained some of the most important:

1. Learning
“Mobile learning applications for tablets will have the greatest impact and benefit for workers,” explained Ghauri. “Organisations could provide highly interactive searchable content, videos, surveys, multiple choice tests and the ability for other workers to comment on or share material with each other.”

2. Worker directory
This is Ghauri’s number one pick for HR professionals to prioritise about all other mobile initiatives. Smartphone versions could include the ability to search by name, title and location, while “tablet versions can have significantly more robust functionality than the smartphone,” he said. “They will have organisational charts, full worker profiles, social networking and the ability to complete simple employee actions, such as small job changes.

3. Communications
Publishing important workforce communications through an RSS type feed may be an effective way to communicate with your employees who are on the go, and who may not sit down at a desktop computer on a regular basis to access the intranet and read company-wide emails.

4. Recruiting
Whether candidates are new college graduates or seasoned pros, a recruiting mobile application is a great way to keep them engaged while making it through the sometimes tedious hiring process. “IT’s a great medium in which to inform candidates of upcoming interview schedules and provide background information on the organisation,” Ghauri added.



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