HR professionals the unhappiest

by Stephanie Zillman14 Nov 2012

In brand new findings released this week, it has been revealed that HR professionals based in the UK are among the unhappiest employees around, rating their happiness levels on par with those in the banking and finance sector.

The findings of the Career Happiness Index 2012* by vocational training organisation, City and Guilds, found that after looking into what workers consider to be the most important factors contributing to their happiness at work, HR consistently falls short.

So what’s poisoning the waterhole? Lack of flexibility and career progression are the key factors.

  • Some 54% of HR professionals claim there isn't enough flexibility in their job role
  • Half of the HR professionals surveyed believe that there is little or no scope for career progression
  • Just 36% said that they feel they are satisfied with the career progression where they are working.

The index found that despite HR professionals being paid well, and the change-agents of an organisation, the high-pressure work environments aren’t providing fulfilment.

So who is happy at work? People in vocationally trained and skills-based jobs, such as hairdressers, gardeners, plumbers and electricians, were happiest – some 65% compared to 58% of those in professional, white collar or office-based jobs.

*The data is from an October 2012 online survey of 2,179 UK employees


  • by Megan Bromley 14/11/2012 2:53:26 PM

    If HR aren't happy - what hope are we creating for the rest? Economies and industry factors can definitely influence the happiness factor but at the end of the day everyone has a choice. I love my job, happiness is our purpose and I make a choice everyday to make the best of every situation. Hopefully for all those having an unhappy day - this video will put a smile on your face! At RedBalloon we believe happiness starts with a drop, becomes a ripple and creates a wave... Enjoy!

  • by Michael Cosgrove 15/11/2012 1:53:36 PM

    Well a big plug for Red Balloon there by Megan. If HR aren't happy they should try dealing with IR all day everyday. HR is like any job anywhere, if your not happy than get out and do something else. Sometimes the job you think you want isn't necessarily the one for you.

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