HR on the red carpet: Film studio seeks HR business partner

by 06 Mar 2012

There comes a time when one makes the decision on what to study at university – and most would say going down the path of HR management doesn’t generally conjure up dreams of working alongside the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. 

But for the HR team at Lucasfilm Singapore, life on the red carpet is all in a day’s work. Having opened its Singapore studio in 2005, the only arm of the studio to exist outside of California has had an integral role in high-profile cinematic productions, including Clone Wars, Transformers and Iron Man. “Singapore has a high standard of living, political stability, a vibrant culture and English as the official language. All of these qualities make it an attractive city for international and regional talent to relocate to and work in,” Jacqueline Tan of Lucasfilm said.

Attracting the best

Tan leads the organisation’s small HR and recruiting team, who have had a busy time over the past five years.  Lucasfilm Singapore started its operations with less than 40 staff, but since then has ballooned to over 400 employees. Half of them are Singaporeans while the rest represent some 40 nationalities. However the quest for talent is still a constant challenge.

The studio has been stepping up its recruitment efforts to support its rapid expansion plans, and is now on the lookout for a HR business partner.

Company culture

It’s a casual atmosphere and Lucasfilm Singapore has developed a number of initiatives to foster a lively, engaging and conducive work environment. The studio does not impose any dress code and employees are treated to a company breakfast every Thursday. They are also given free tickets to two movies every month, and these are usually films that the company has worked on.

It is an unwritten rule that employees sit through all of the final credits to respect and celebrate the work of fellow artists that have worked on these films. “Nobody stands up until way after the credits have rolled if it’s one of our movies,” Tan said. “You can hear everyone clapping when our teams’ names are in the credits!”

Development opportunities

Tan said Lucasfilm takes career development and advancement seriously. The studio clearly outlines what projects employees can move on to in the future so that they will always have a good sense of where their career is headed, Tan said. Indeed, the dedicated talent development department works extremely closely with the HR team to facilitate requests form employees to change their divisions or disciplines to further their specialist crafts.


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